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Go Ahead Digital is the largest digital marketing agency of Bangladesh

Digital marketing is important for the success of every business and vital to the success of a small business.

Most importantly, it can be done at a much lower cost than conventional media. When starting a small business, they often focus on how to get through to their first customers. For all of your online campaign Go ahead digital is the best digital marketing agency in Bangladesh providing all of your digital marketing needs. They can rely on traditional advertising, such as print ads and coupon ads, even big street signs

You can believe that it’s only a matter of time before customers find a way for them to know they are offering a good product or service.

Although this strategy can lead to downstream business, there are better and easier ways to do it. Small businesses should consider the huge online marketplace for potential customers. No small business, no matter how new, should overlook this huge market. For why we have big digital marketing specialists.

Benefits of Online Marketing

competitors will be capable digital marketing to you
Typing your content

The group of potential customers online is probably a group of more people than you can attract to the field. With digital marketing, you can reach a large audience in a profitable and measurable way.

Other benefits of online marketing include:

  • The ability to interact with your potential customers and discover exactly what they are looking for.
  • The ability to reach a global market.
  • You can save money and reach more customers than traditional marketing methods.
  • Meet your audience and let them know personally, what can contribute to brand loyalty.
  • You can instantly track the responses to your marketing efforts.

Are you moving digital marketing?

Why choose to spend time and effort in digital marketing? Different small business owners can present a number of reasons to avoid this form of marketing, but in the end, doubt remains a matter of doubt.

Small businesses sometimes believe they do not have the time or money to compete online. They believe they can only face so many challenges at the same time, and still, learn the pros and cons of business in general. Many of them may prefer to go slowly and adhere to one or two basic forms of advertising, as long as their business evolves over time. So for your convenience, we are bringing the largest digital marketing agency in Bangladesh

You may even think that the best strategy is simply to wait for customers to appear. Because they are a small business, they may think they only need a small number of customers.

This is not an effective approach. There is no guarantee that your business will only attract customers, and even then, it may not attract as many customers as necessary to make your business profitable.

Your customers are online.

Your customers are online.
Your customers are online.

If you have avoided digital marketing, do you think you are simply not ready? Do you think you only need some time to establish yourself and then you will discover the aspect of digital marketing?

The problem with this approach is that your customers and potential customers are already online. Right now. Today. There is a good chance that they are already looking for a company like yours. However, if they can’t find it easily, they will probably opt for someone else.

This is how people do business today. If someone has an interest in your business, either in your niche in general or if you are curious about your brand, you will first research online and discover what they can discover about you.

They hope to meet you there with a website and a presence in social networks. You may be looking for comments to learn what others say about your business and if it is a good place to do business.

If a potential customer cannot find it online, they can decide that their business does not seem legitimate. There is a very good chance that many of these potential customers decide not to take their business seriously and that they go quickly elsewhere.

Once he makes that decision, he probably won’t come back.

Your competitors are online

Your competitors are online
Your competitors are online

For your business to succeed, you must pay attention to what your competitors do and learn from it. Imagine your competitors not only as someone you want to beat but as people who can teach you something.

When you look at what your competitors are doing, you have an idea of ​​what works and what doesn’t. Regardless of the type of business you are in, your competitors are likely to establish a web presence. What kind of content do you use? Do you blog or use many graphics and videos?

Do you think you can do better? You can’t if you don’t participate in the competition in the digital world.

If your prospects start looking for a business similar to yours and can find the website of your competitors but not yours, your business is not even running. Your prospects cannot choose it if they don’t know about you. In this scenario, your competitors moved forward regardless of whether they have an effective website or a clear message.

Be accessible to your customers

Be accessible to your customers
Be accessible to your customers

It is clear that in today’s digital world, the first place where the average consumer searches for what they want is online. Whichever product or service they are looking for, they will most likely begin their search with Google. If you do not have an online presence at all, you will not find it and you will not be able to compete.

If you have an online presence but your competitors are easier to find and meet first, they may not yet find it. In addition to creating a website, learning search engine optimization is a strategy that can help you get ahead of your competitors just by being the first name a potential customer finds in a Google search with keywords that can take them to your business. .

Simple questions to which your prospects may want quick answers should be easily detectable online, such as where you are, what your schedules are and what you specialize in. When looking at your website and your competitors’ websites, your prospects should be able to compare schedules, prices, special offers and more.

That is why it is imperative that you know what your competitors are doing. Your prospects are already reviewing you and your competitors. They are already comparing you to you. What are they discovering?

Let customers come to you

Let customers come to you
Customers come to you

Think of digital marketing as a way to make yourself accessible to the people you are trying to reach to offer your products and services. The scope of your business can reach far beyond its walls. It can attract a much larger audience than it could simply by attending to local perspectives.

By creating a web presence, your business is open even when it is closed. You can create an atmosphere in which your customers can come to you at any time of the day or night.

At your convenience, customers and prospects can send you emails with questions, make purchases and examine your inventory. Potential clients who have no way of physically coming to you can still do business with you, whether they are limited by disability, transportation or simply living too far.

Know your target audience

Know your target audience
Know your target audience

Digital marketing allows you to interact with your potential customers. You can know them gradually and what they hope to find. In social networks or in a blog you can start a conversation. Conduct a survey or try to know them. Pay attention to your comments or your responses to the surveys. We are your digital service provider which is one of the leading digital marketing companies in Bangladesh

By interacting digitally with people, you can begin to know what they are looking for. Where is your pain? What keeps you up at night? What solutions can you offer them? Instead of trying to guess, digital marketing allows you tools and methods to discover who your customers really are.

In this way, you start building a relationship with your customers. You become much more than a business. You become a reliable partner. People are much more likely to buy from companies that have already bought.

Few forms of advertising are as profitable as digital marketing. Small businesses often try to do their best with a small budget. Many forms of digital marketing allow you to communicate your brand and reach a broad target audience, even when your budget is very tight.We are bringing the best services at low cost to small business owners. Our digital marketing agency is next to you.

Compared to television, radio or direct mail advertising, the cost of digital marketing is substantially lower and at the same time reaches a much wider audience. The use of digital marketing in promoting your small business will bring you commercial success at our digital marketing agency Go ahead digital.

How to Earn Money From YouTube (A to Z Step By Step)

How to Earn Money From YouTube

Today I explain How to Earn Money From YouTube easily. Many people from YouTube have the opportunity to perform on the silver screen of cinema and many are making millions every month. Because of their success, many of us have opened our own channel on YouTube to build a career and earn money, but only a few days later lack of proper guidance.

Let me leave YouTube without any success, this is what I wrote for them. Today, I will talk to you about how you can succeed on YouTube and make earn money on YouTube. I have given this article a whole lot of A to Z tutorials from start to finish on YouTube so you have to be patient with a little patience to read this long article. Let’s start.

1-Creating an Account:

First, choose a beautiful name. So first think of a name that no one has used before. The name can be taken on anything you like, be it cooking, games, health or whatever. If you need to spend a lot of time thinking about it, then decide on the name of your YouTube channel.

However, you must give the name a name so that your channel name can be remembered very easily. Don’t ever use names by mistake. Make an email. For your channel, we all know that it takes a Gmail to open an account on YouTube. And that’s why you must use Gmail. So first you have to open a new Gmail account. The account must be verified.

2-Copyright and Fair Uses:

Once you’ve created your YouTube channel, you’re a YouTube partner. And do not upload videos that are copyrighted while you are a partner, so avoid copyrights. Like copying someone else’s music and using it on your video, on another TV channel. You can use your own videos on YouTube to select songs from your truck or there are many web sites on the Internet that will get a lot of free audio and video that you do not need any copyright to use.

Never copy, because YouTube knows where you are from. Have used So be careful. Even if you upload a video like this, they will alert you a few times, if your copyrighted video uploads are too high then they will ban your account.

3-The software you use

Video Editor:
You must use good software for video editing. You will find a lot of video editing software, but I would particularly recommend using Wondershare Filmora. Wondershare Filmora software used on both Mac and Windows. But of course, you should not buy software and use it. And video editing is a very easy task if you can learn a lot of patience. You can also try out the editing software that is available. Edit the video you made with your mobile or video camera first, then upload it to YouTube.

Intro Video:
You need to create a nice intro for your channel. Keep in mind that this will depend on your lot You have a lot of time on your hands, slowly build your intro. The intro time is 5 seconds. Within 5 seconds you’ll need to create a beautiful intro to your channel. Create a logo on your channel, then you will receive many templates from GOOGLE to create an intro; Create a 5-second intro video with a logo by selecting a template with video editing software.

You can make this intro with any video creation software, but remember that your intro is video formatted. From now on, no matter what video you upload, this intro will appear before it starts. After you enter it you will upload the in-video program inside your channel’s in-video program under the channel settings of your channel dashboard. After going here, add a branding intro, upload the intro you created here.

Tips and Tricks for Audio Editing
Audio editing is very important for your video. And depending on the audio editing, YouTube won’t allow you to monetize your video. Let me tell you some tips, if you follow them properly, I hope you get a good result from YouTube.

i) First, make sure that the audio file you create has no background noise. Voice Recording – Many times the sound of AC or fan can be heard, try to avoid these noises.

ii) A good video may be damaged due to bad audio. So try to give good audio. If you need to make the audio yourself. Never use others’ audio. There is much software available to create audio online; You can use them.

iii) Listen to your audio a few times yourself, then add it to your video if you like.

Create a beautiful logo and a cover photo of the channel If you are good at graphics design, make a beautiful logo and a cover photo of your channel. You can use Photoshop and Illustrator to create covers and logos.

4-Video titles, descriptions, and tags

Titles, descriptions, and tags are the most important part of a video. No matter how good your video is, these three have no value. Out of thousands of videos, people will watch your video only when your video has a combination of these three. Start by doing keyword research and create interesting titles. You need to research keywords to create titles. Let’s look at some of the ways in which keyword research can be done.

i) Keyword Research

Method-1 Search on YouTube can match your desired video. For example, if your video is about money-making then search YouTube – how to make money. Now see what the result shows, you can buy your title from here or you can create your own from all these titles.

Method – 2 Search the Youtube for the title you want to give and see which one is the first. You can create a title near that. Not just the titles, you should check what the tags are used in that video, and what the description says. You can use them in your video if you want, but make it your own.

ii) Description
Provide a description such that the title and tag must be present within your description. Be sure to include a link to your channel when describing. Replace your channel link within your description. The bigger the description, the better for you. Add more to your video Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts and other social networking sites you have accounts with.

iii) Tags
This time your video is very much for publishing. Only when the last one completes this step is it done. Use com to 8 to 20 tags, but try to get the tags relayed to your video.

Let’s look at an example of what we’ve read so far

TITLE: Comedy Youtube Channel  – LEVEL NAME


Your best funny and comedy youtube channel – Bangla Fun – LEVEL NAME (notice the title is repeated in the first line of the description) describes the content of the video repeating important keywords such as the game title, level name and featured game characters. Subscribe for more Videos

TITLE videos: Youtube link Check out Video Title Walkthrough Part 2

PLAYLIST LINK “Like” me on Facebook FACEBOOK LINK Follow me on



“best comedy,
funny whats video,
comedy clips,
new comedy,
funny video,
comedy video,
new funny video 2019,
best funny video 2019,
funny video compilation,
laughing funny video,
jokes in,
funny jokes,
(tags are repeated in the bottom of the description) 

5-Create video

So far I have learned the rules of how to upload videos on YouTube. Now let’s make the video you upload.

i) Camera and Lighting Many of us do not know very well the use of camera and lighting. We can take a short course on camera and lighting. It will give you a lot of work in later life. There is a lot of pursuit behind making a good video. And if you have a good idea about lighting then you can make a good video. So to make a good video you must keep these things in mind.

ii) When making the encoding video, take care of its encoding. Your video may not be live on YouTube if it is not properly encoded. If you are unable to encode another encoding, your video resolution will be reduced so that your video will be ineligible for upload.

6-Increase channel subscribers

From time to time, comment on the millions of other videos that YouTube has. The comment must be written in such a way that you will subscribe to his channel instead of subscribing to his channel. You must include links to your other videos in the description of the videos you upload. Also, ask your viewer to subscribe. If possible, ask your viewer to subscribe to funny jokes.

Many people think that if there are too many videos on the channel, there are more subscribers. This is a misconception. If you video up a few shows that don’t work, you will never get a subscriber, but you will lose a subscriber.

Because no one wants to fill in their EFTP account with someone else’s video. Save a day and a specific time to upload a video. That’s because your subscribers will keep that day in mind, and will enter your channel at certain times to watch your video. Whenever you maintain your schedule and upload your video, Youtube will bring your video number to its search result. But one thing to keep in mind, whether you upload it or not, is to benefit everyone.

When your video benefits someone, you’ll benefit from your video. That means your video will start making money. Another thing you can do is increase your channel’s subscribers. That is, you can contact other YouTube channel creators and tell them that in your video, you will be putting a subscribe box on their channel, in return they will place a subscribe box on your channel within their video. It will benefit both sides.

7-Secret formula

Now I will talk to you about a secret formula, which you can easily add to your channel’s subscribers by using the formula. Suppose your channel subscribers are 5. Now find another channel that matches your channel’s video, with a subscriber like 20 to 5 people. Send him a message that you’ve made a video that says what makes this channel so good.

And by subscribing to this channel you will get even better videos. You now want to upload this video to its channel and to your channel. When you upload this video to your channel you will use that channel link as a link, and the owner of that channel will use your link. By doing this you can get minimum subscribers like 1 to 20 from a channel.

Then your total subscribers now stand at 20. Now you will find 1 to 5 subscribed channels. Do the same here. This way, as your subscriber grows, you will find more subscriber channels. That way, one day, your subscribers will probably exceed a few thousand.

8-Video embed code

If you have a lot of Twitter followers, or a lot of Facebook friends, it’s good for your channel. Good news for you even if you have 3 Facebook friends. Because these are your real friends. There is no profit with a fake friend. You share your video on your twitter and facebook, then you tell these 5 friends to get a few seconds out of your day.

They will watch your video for 5 seconds, like it, give a comment and, if possible, make a comment. Every day you will come up with new videos for them too. So join your video related groups on Facebook. Share your video there. This way you can add at least 5 friends a day to your account. When your Facebook friend’s number exceeds 4,000, the number of viewers to a video link on your channel will increase.

Where before you had a video view of 20 days ago, your number of views would increase by more than 5. You can also share your video on social sites as well. You can too embed a video from your own website if you have one.


Annotations are a link to another video on your video. Be sure to use annotations on each of your videos so that any viewer in your video will know about them while watching your current video. When a viewer watches your video, if you click on the link that you annotated, a new window will open, and then they will see that video. Once your video is uploaded you will get these options when you go to Video Manager.


Time is crucial to your channel. Note in a diary, what time of day you upload your videos. Never upload a video at 9 pm. If possible upload a video in the morning. Target Audience Always Think 5+ One more thing to keep in mind is that in the description of your video you can set the date of its creation. YouTube is more of a viewer on Sunday, so you can upload your video by keeping this day in mind.

11-Use a good Thumbnail

Choose a thumbnail of your uploaded video to attract your viewer. If the thumbnail photo of your video is not attractive, the viewer will not be attracted, and if the viewer is not attracted, the viewer on your channel will not grow. So if you want to increase the channel subscriber and viewer, select a good thumbnail.

I believe if you can do these things step by step, your channel’s success will surely come and you earn money very easily. Remember that nothing is better than learning, so keep learning as much as you can. And work on YouTube with joy. If you want to come to YouTube to earn money, then forget what you’ve read so far. Because you do not find pleasure in the work you do, how can you make others happy? And the biggest thing is patience… be patient. So far today.

Way to get work outside the freelancing marketplace

Way to get work outside the freelancing marketplace

Only 23% of the amount of work available in current online freelancing marketplaces. Then I will try to write in this episode as to who gets the rest of the work and how you get it.

1) Social Media:

We, as the general public, use social media sites regularly, so the president of the country or other big people or owners of big companies regularly visit these sites. That’s why a lot of work is available from these places. There is a lot of work available, especially from Linkedin.

You can find out the status of people on Twitter who are giving their status in their profile rather than for various tasks around the world. Come to the post of those people and comment on your offer. If you like the offer you can get the job. You need to take it to Twitter to do the work.

Login to this link (https://twitter.com/search-advanced) by logging into your account on Twitter. Use the search option there to find out who is looking for a job.

Finding someone new in the freelancing marketplace is a boring task for most of the bearers in the world (just like finding a job in the marketplace for a job find it boring). As for any local job, everyone wants to have someone who is competent in his or her own acquaintance, because the risk is lower than the one familiar.

In this age of online, anyone from any part of the world has the opportunity to get acquainted and the opportunity to get acquainted with social media sites. Present yourself professionally, work-efficient on these sites. Social media is a very powerful platform for finding work. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter can get a lot of work from these social media. Also, if you want to get work for graphics, you can join the following two marketplaces.

  • Behance (https://www.behance.net/)
  • Dribbble (https://dribbble.com/)

2) Finding work through blogging:

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to find work. Through blogging, it is possible to prove to others the skills of their work. Blogging is a lot more important than being able to express yourself efficiently or branding yourself on the topic you are seeking.

When you can brand yourself as a skilled person, you will not have to look for work. Bayer will come and offer you to work on your own and it will certainly be at least twice the rate than any freelancing marketplace. You can start blogging by guest blogging on famous blogging sites or by creating your own personal blog, which aims to brand your skills.

The time you spend bidding and finding work in the freelancing marketplace, blogging will take much less time than that. But one of your blogposts will save you many days.

3) With Video Marketing:

Open your own video channel on YouTube and create your own video related videos that you are skilled at and upload it regularly. You need to create a video so that you will have the idea that you are experienced in doing that work within others. This video should also be the first thing to do on a YouTube search. Otherwise, the video won’t get much public attention. If more people do not watch your video, the purpose will not be successful.

4) You can get work through presentation slides:

There is a site called slideshare.net, where PowerPoint presentations are uploaded. Links to this site rank very easily in Google. Such a popular site like Google. It is also popular with many people. And that is why many people from different countries of the world come to this site and search for their needs regularly. That’s why he has a plan in place. Post at least 2 presentations to the site every month. The content of this presentation will certainly be beneficial to others. However, in the last slide of placement, you can advertise on the job. I also saw many people getting jobs.

5) Creating a Portfolio Site By Doing SEO:

By creating a portfolio site of your own, you can bring that website to a certain keyword and bring Google search results first. In that case, the website has to be acceptable to everyone first. Such websites rely more on rankings as well as on traffic engagement. And if you work like this, you will continue to get the job all your life.

6) Through Email Marketing:

If you have basic knowledge of email marketing, find out the means of communication with different companies and mail them regularly to offer them. Build relationships with them. There is a lot of work to be done. This method is much more effective if you want to get the job done on a larger scale. Everyone wants to build big IT companies in the future. For those who want it, this method is more effective. However, if you have created a professional portfolio website, you will get better results.

7) Posting forums:

Many people think writing will not be possible for you. So blogging work will not add to your intelligence. I do not think it will be how to publish my own social media as a skill, they can publish the forum themselves by posting forums. Looking for topics to write on blogging, but do not have to worry about it in the forum. Because the answers to the questions of different people here would be good to attract. If you regularly answer on a specific topic like this, your expertise on that topic is revealed to everyone, that is, your own branding on that skill, what will be the benefit of your branding, as I have already discussed.

Anywhere you go to find work, you must create a portfolio of your work. Because of the work in this portfolio, Bayer would be interested in working. Bayer will definitely want to see the work done before you can work.

Happy Freelancing

What is Digital Marketing? 13 Important ways to work in digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Learn Digital Marketing Easily and Build Your Career for the Future world, So we have to Bangladeshi best Digital Marketing Agency “Go Ahead Digital” with you.

The present world is the digital age. You are living in a world of digital technology. As such, your business must be utilized through digital marketing. You can work through relatively low-cost digital marketing. Digital marketing refers to the promotion of a product or brand through electronic media. The Internet is closely linked with digital marketing. In addition, other media such as wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile applications, electronic billboards, digital television and radio channels are also included.

Now we will show you 13 ways to work in digital marketing –

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Content Creating
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. Digital Display Advertising
  6. Re-aiming and re-marketing
  7. Mobile marketing
  8. Interactive Marketing
  9. Viral Marketing
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Affiliate Marketing
  12. Digital Media Planning and Buying
  13. Web Analytics

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically your website that reviews the search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine. SEO has a very important role to play in the marketing of products in today’s competitive market. If you bring your product to the top of Google search through SEO, then your product sales will also increase as people now make a decision on Google search before buying any product. Google updates its information regularly.
-Identify and follow the Bing, Yahoo, and Google search advertising rules of the format they follow before running a campaign.
-Never use duplicate content. This will be very detrimental to SEO.
Remember, most of this is based on cost-effective marketing strategies that will drive your business’ organic traffic.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a comprehensive marketing strategy that initially drives your business traffic through paid efforts. We call it Paid Search Marketing. This type of marketing is usually done based on the style of your business. In this case, you can select either PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost per click) model or CPM (cost per thousand impressions), model. SEMs are generally available on different platforms. For example, Google AdWords and Bing Notification (Google Network), Yahoo Bing Network is the most popular. SEM is also used in advertising search, mobile marketing, re-marketing. SEM is the most affordable online marketing of current online marketing that can increase your return on investment.

Content Creating

The study found that Google’s algorithm 20 is more used for content creation. Google algorithms have changed recently. Your targeted keywords can be found in your content, any post or forum discussion online so that your target readers can easily find you. Multimedia content, like (music, lifestyle, health, food, blogging, tech, etc) should be updated from time to time every day. Automated processing should be used when posting social media content. You need to customize your content for different platforms. For example, content should be simple and concise for mobile phones. Remember, an effective strategy will be to create for your readers and they will be interested to learn more from you. Sharing good content and the best way for branding your business.

Social Media Marketing

There is no better place to promote your business product, yet. Create an Active Community Creates a community in which all members are active. Create groups or pages to create a community on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Linkedin. Participate in various discussions on social media with your target customers. You can use your social media pages or group links as signatures to send someone an email. Add social media like the button to post on your own website or blog. Use management tools (HootSuite, TweetDeck) to actively participate in all social media activities that will help you get the most out of your time. I have to post regularly. Doing it according to a routine is good. For example, after 7 days, after 5 weeks. Then regular visitors will come in the hope of finding something new.

Digital Display Advertising

This is again a subset of your SEM digital marketing system. Use a variety of display ad formats to target potential audiences – be it text, image, banner, rich media, interactive or video advertising. You can customize your message based on your interests, content or customer position in the purchase cycle.
Remember, however, that digital display advertising is relatively expensive. You may need an expert opinion if you drive a good ROI for your business.

Re-aiming and re-marketing

Retargeting and remarketing is a strategy where you will see how many times your customers have visited your website. It is based on cookie technology. Retargeting has emerged as a preferred strategy among customers who have already shown interest in your business. You can also use Retargeting on your social media network or mobile site.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is done through SMS marketing, MMS marketing, Bluetooth marketing, Infrared marketing. And among these, the “SMS for MOBILE” marketing method is very important. You are the virtual world, the people of the digital age. You can have a lot of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitter. They may also be subscribers to your product via SMS. You can send a message about your product details to those who have been a regular subscriber to your product. The message will be short, to-the-point and not more than 5 words. The message will be friendly so that the subscriber does not feel that you are persuading him to buy your company’s product. This marketing method is very flexible and can be used as a money-making platform.

Interactive Marketing

Make sure your website is a success for your website beneath your Visitor and Vision Visitor. You can have video images of any video like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Rev, etc. You must publish your video on the site.

Viral Marketing

No matter what sector you are in, the importance of viral marketing and content may not be eliminated in the success of your business organization. You don’t have to work hard to promote pictures or text. Humans will spread the content like a virus. After creating and publishing this type of content, your job is to keep an eye on it, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. Insight or analytics are available on almost all the social media that lets you know how well content is performing or not, due to problems. At the end of the day, not just saying a word! That is, create good content. Virality also depends on captions, posting, preview images, etc.

Email Marketing

When I send my message to customers via email, we will call it email marketing. With an effective email marketing software, you can maintain your e-mail list based on various factors, including customer preferences and likes and dislikes. Email marketing is an online marketing method that allows you to promote your product and service and promote your site. At present, a large number of companies from different countries of the world are increasing their income through this method. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of communicating your product information to your customers.

What you need to think about email marketing – Get the mail address of people of different age groups or different categories in different countries, research the product you want to market, research the same product and marketing strategies of other companies, most simply your Describe the quality of the product in your mail. Email marketing requires a website, marketing tools, and products or services. Immediately through email marketing, you will be able to introduce your product and service to thousands of customers and your product will continue to be popular. As a result, your products will automatically be sold more frequently.

Affiliate Marketing

You will be registered in an affiliate marketplace. And your Digital Marketing Skill use of another product or service quarterly position article. No matter the content of the article in the affiliate market, when you are up at night, some things will be released.

Digital Media Planning and Buying

When a media agency combines research and marketing with an integrated strategy framework, we call it a digital media plan. Online media is becoming more and more popular with the spread of smart devices and the Internet. As a result, various companies, from the reputed brands and companies of the world, have chosen online marketing as a major medium of publicity, starting from their advertising. As a result, this new media is on its way to overturning old media, including traditional newspapers, spreading online media.

Web analytics

Web Analytics is one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing. Basically, web analytics will help you collect, measure, understand, analyze, plan, report and predict web activity for your business. Some important web analytics are Google Analytics, Spring Metrics, Opera, Print. It goes without saying that every advertiser is using web analytics to understand his business.

It is important that you use the marketing for your test and do not enter into the strategy of the free marketplace of digital marketing and you are all based on the change you do not know your customer time. We should contact you such as leaflets, posters, etc. Digital Collection. Taking all the time that digital marketing has, and experimenting more with digital marketing, should be some kind of business situation in which we should enter the social media market.

How to Build a Successful Freelance Career on Upwork

How Build a Successful Freelance Career on

“Upwork” is a popular marketplace for freelancers. Currently, called Upwork is the place of professional freelancers. Today I have tried to give a detailed guideline on up-work.

Once Upwork gets a job, it does not look back. When you get good feedback from one Bayer in Upwork, the other Bayer’s find the seller extremely easy to trust and work with.

Which Jobs available at Upwork:

  • Web and Software Development
  • SEO, Online Marketing
  • Graphics Design and Multimedia
  • Mobile Apps
  • Writing and Translation
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Networking and information systems
  • Administrative Support.

There are many other types of work available. The following is a complete list of the pictures.

There are many other types of work available on Upwork. The following is a complete list of the pictures.

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Working type:

1. Fixed Price Job: The fixed price for a job
Example: Need a logo and the client will pay you $40

2. Hourly Work: Assigns a specific time to a job and has to finish the task within that time
Examples: A logo is required and the client will give you 4 hours to complete the task, Upwork keeps track of your work through special software, and the client is notified about the job in a timely screenshot. And every hour the client will pay you a dollar according to your rate.

Create an account and complete profile in Upwork:

To apply for work at Upwork, you first need to open an account with Upwork. You need an email address. Email verification is done to confirm the account. You have to fill in the signup form with the correct information when making an account. Once the account is confirmed, you will have to sort your profile professionally.

You will need to edit the account by going to “Edit Profile” when you have an account login. It’s good to use a clear profile picture alone to make you smile. The profile can be used to illustrate your past work. This makes Bayer confident in you. Moreover, if you have any certificate of work for the Expert, you can use it.

Beautifully mention the things you want to do in the title so that anyone can understand that you are skilled at those tasks. This is very important. Because this is the first name the client will see with your name. If you like this client will be interested to see the rest of your profile. Write the overview beautifully.

If not then you can get ideas from elsewhere. Here you can add the topics you are proficient in. Make a minimum of $5, up to the first feedback. Then continue to raise. 5% cannot be profiled without the skill Test. The skill test is required for a percentage of profiles. Anyone who has knowledge of the subject and is interested in working can take a skill test on that subject. If you perform well on the Skill Test, you will display it on your profile. The profile will be strong and professional.

How to apply for work at Upwork:

Clicking on the job will explain the work that the client will do to you. Read it well to see if it is possible for you. What is the type of work? Hourly, if written hourly, fixed will be written if fixed. Then how many days to finish the job, when the job was posted there are many more. If you want to bid within 5 minutes of any job post, then the chances of getting a job are high.

1) Applying for work at Upwork is called bid. Your account has 30 bid quota specific. That means you can apply for 30 jobs a month. So use your quota well understood. There is no profit by just bidding your nostalgia. Moreover, there is an additional bid.

2) The job for which you bid did not understand the description well. If you do not bid too much, bid on them, the chances of getting a job will increase. If your profile is new, you should follow these rules well.

3) Try to be very online so that if the client gives you a message, it is not too late to reply.

4) Before bidding, you must check the client’s profile. Things to note when checking a client’s profile:

  • How many hours a client has worked so far.
  • Whether the client’s payment method is verified.
  • If the client is doing the kind of work you are bidding for, you will notice how much the rate has been done. Bid accordingly. A cover letter will be required to bid.

Rules for writing a cover letter:

The cover letter is to write in English. That is why it is important to have a fair knowledge of English. Do not write a cover letter for too long.

If you can try to explain to the client by writing in one or two lines, then the client will be most happy. The client is worth the time. When you see a large cover letter, the client will not read it for fear.

Think of yourself as a client. Now, imagine how someone would tell you that you would spend the money on the job. Do not use the cover letter on your own. You don’t even know English. Because you might write a cover letter with someone who is very good at English. The client will call you for an interview before giving the job. If you find that your English writing style is different, then your belief in yourself will rise at the beginning. That’s why you won’t get the job anymore. Don’t use the same cover letter over and over again.

That is, whatever you write, everyone will understand the job description when bidding. Give your work samples without saying much. This will do the equivalent of talking about your 3 lines. Do not try to attract the client by singing your own song or begging for mercy on the cover letter. Understand the project well and then create a cover letter. Never forget your email, skype id, yahoo, these will not be given in the cover letter. Only if the client knocks you away will your contact details be given to him.

Cover letter structure:

Foreigners prefer when they first address with a hi, hello on the cover letter. By introducing yourself as an expert when writing a cover letter, Bayer will trust you. After reading the project, you can write a line to understand the client’s needs well, first of the letter. Now, try to explain what is possible for you. Mention your previous experience with this kind of work. If you are waiting for the client to respond, please enter any such line. The letter ended with the thank you name.

The cover letter should explain to the buyer three things.
A) You understand the job description well.
B) How you want to do the job.
C) Work is not a new experience for you.

Start working:

If the client selects you for the job, the client will interview you. If the client thinks you deserve the job then you can get the job. Download the Upwork Team software from Upwork for hourly workplaces, install it on a PC. Now, before you start working, select the job and click on Start. As you can see, work time has begun to count. The software will take a screenshot of your computer shortly afterward, and then send it back to the client. When the client finishes the deal with payment, you will receive a notification.

This time the client will give feedback, you also have to give the client related feedback. This feedback is out of 5 full. If both sides give feedback, only one can see the other. Even you get good feedback, you can get more work later. If you get bad feedback you can delete it.

But you return the client’s payment, the bad feedback will no longer appear on your profile. You can return the client’s payment by clicking “Give Refund” on the notification page. After the client gives you the payment, the payment will be credited to your O desk account for one week. Click on “Transaction History” to find out how much you currently have on balance and how much is pending.

Lastly: If you have work skills, only Upwork why you can do well in any place, your work skills are not specific to Upwork. Keep up with more writing on Upwork.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Specialist & Services

The world of marketing is shifting from traditional marketing like TV ads, billboards, and mail-outs to digital marketing. This shift has shown an emphasis on things like email communications, web tracking, PPC, and SEO. Digital marketing is quickly growing in popularity due to its effectiveness at engaging clients and leads through accessible means. If you’re wondering what the top benefits of digital marketing are, look no further.

1. Digital Marketing Campaigns Doesn’t Burn Your Pocket

Imagine that you have a small business where you provide legal advice to companies. You decided to create awareness about your service. You spent a huge amount of money putting a hoarding in the busiest area of ​​the city. Surely you got leads but the money you spent burning your pocket.

In the digital marketing arena, you have complete control over your budget. You can always decide to stop an internet marketing campaign at any time if it is not going the way you want it to. Also, instead of reaching a mass audience, you can choose the right people for your service that will save you a lot of money.

2. Reach the Size of Audience You Never Imagined

Reach the Size of Audience You Never Imagined

Let us take the example of a billboard again. The billboard that you have placed in the CBD area of ​​your city can get viewers’ eyes, but you can reach the audience through digital media.

3. Measure Everything, Literally Everything

Suppose you have a hardware store. Can you tell how many footfalls occurred in a day, how many people showed interest in products, how many buys, how many were repurchased?

Maybe, you can give some data. But the traditional marketing efforts that have gained you more; Is its newspaper advertising, hoarding, collateral distributed by you? You can never know this!

One of the important digital marketing benefits is knowing which marketing campaign is getting the most revenue and better ROI. You can measure impressions, clicks, conversions, sales, etc. Digital marketing analytics is an exceptional benefit of digital marketing.

4. Creativity Beats the Tag of Big Brands

Small businesses may argue that whatever they do, it is very difficult to beat big brands in their digital marketing efforts because they have a lot of money and resources to spend. But the key is creativity. Creative content beats everything in the digital world. Audiences are more receptive to creative content rather than tags to big brands.

5. Customer Relationship Management Has Never Been so Easy

The most important aspect of any business is customer satisfaction. This can never be achieved without building a good relationship with customers. In the traditional way, it was very difficult to maintain relationships with customers due to lack of mediums to connect.

One of the benefits of using digital marketing is to manage customer relationships. Social media has changed the game completely to be specific. Today, earning loyal customers is the ability to keep customers engaged and respond to their feedback on social media.

There is another side of this, where customers can talk ill about the company if they are not happy with the service or product, but it is dependent on the company’s creativity and commitment to address it. The best example of addressing customer complaints was illustrated by Ola.

One customer was not disappointed by the cab show set by Ola and her child had to leave attending a birthday party. Ola took it to heart and tried to please the child by sending him a custom letter with the cake. Certainly, the child cannot go to a party and this little gesture of OLA changed the perception of the customer and many other customers.

6. Reach Global, Be local

One of the biggest misconceptions in the small business industry is to be local. Digital marketing has completely overcome this challenge and catapulted small businesses to a global audience with just one click. This has made many small businesses global companies with very little effort.

7. Reach Your Customers at the Right Time

Let’s go back to the billboard example. Imagine if you could send newspaper advertisements only to people who saw your billboard, after which a special offer was made to the readers of the newspaper. That sounds unusual, doesn’t it?

But with digital marketing, you can do so completely. You can easily reach people who saw your Google Ads, then reach them with a special offer on Facebook and follow up with email marketing. You can create an attractive customer cycle that suits your business.

8. Your Personal Brand Makes a Big Difference

Much has been said about the company’s branding. Company branding is more life self-appreciation, yes it will give you results but for long-term relationships of customers, personal branding of top executives of the company is essential. Your customer wants to know who is the person behind the company. Building a strong personal brand is very important for your business.

9. Nurture Your Audience Till they are Ready to Buy

In continuation with the 8th benefit, it is very important to nurture the audience until they are ready to buy. Email marketing is the best way to nurture your leads. When you first hear about you, you are not ready to buy from your company. You need to keep them busy and rejuvenate yourself to be at the top of your mind. Eventually, you can make them convert and make them purchase your product.

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Can we build a Child Properly

WOrking on Neelmoni Pujan

Build a Child

Parents have nothing more valuable in the world than a child.

They do not hesitate to despise their lives for the welfare of the child. There are numerous instances around the world of the loss of one’s life or the protection of a child through life. This tension of parents towards their child is eternal. A few days ago, the mother himself was drowned in the boat to save her child. Sacrificed his life for the child.

Reading this news, my heart trembled. That children do not look after their parents to their children. Yet they are happy to think that children are good and happy. Raise two hands to pray for the child in the court of God so that his child will continue to well throughout his life.

Mira Chowdhury, an honors-masters in economics from the University of Dhaka, has lost her husband to raise her only son. In addition to teaching, her son sold her husband’s house for higher education. Her children live in Florida, USA. And Mira Chowdhury’s place has been in the old home. Stay away from mother, her son does not call to look at the mother.

Mira Chowdhury has no regrets. Son is good abroad. He is good wherever he is. Seeking the end of his life to the son, ‘A handful of clay in my grave. Do not know her to seek it will be fulfilled. Where’s the wrong? Mira Chowdhury’s efforts were no less. So why is his child like this? Only his child can answer. The answer must be given why her mother is an old home.

However, in general, he is not doing the right thing, anyone will say it. Also, his higher education has become illiterate. It is unacceptable that, in our country, if the child goes astray or does bad things, his responsibility lies first on the parents. People think that their parents did not discipline their children properly and did not teach them morality. He did not find out what the child was doing. It is logical to ask such a question.

The answer must be given why her mother is an old home. However, in general, he is not doing the right thing, anyone will say it. Also, his higher education has become illiterate. It is unacceptable that, in our country, if the child goes astray or does bad things, his responsibility lies first on the parents. People think that their parents did not discipline their children properly and did not teach them morality. He did not find out what the child was doing. It is logical to ask such a question.

Because the taste or identity of the fruit can be understood from the type of tree. If the tree is good, then the fruit is good. If the parent is properly caring for the child, there is little chance of the child going astray. That is, the parent has to perform the basic duty of keeping the child on the right path. Then the other rituals and values ​​of the society serve as a way to go about it. In most cases, those who parentless relatives of the family perform this duty.