Way to get work outside the freelancing marketplace

Only 23% of the amount of work available in current online freelancing marketplaces. Then I will try to write in this episode as to who gets the rest of the work and how you get it.

1) Social Media:

We, as the general public, use social media sites regularly, so the president of the country or other big people or owners of big companies regularly visit these sites. That’s why a lot of work is available from these places. There is a lot of work available, especially from Linkedin.

You can find out the status of people on Twitter who are giving their status in their profile rather than for various tasks around the world. Come to the post of those people and comment on your offer. If you like the offer you can get the job. You need to take it to Twitter to do the work.

Login to this link (https://twitter.com/search-advanced) by logging into your account on Twitter. Use the search option there to find out who is looking for a job.

Finding someone new in the freelancing marketplace is a boring task for most of the bearers in the world (just like finding a job in the marketplace for a job find it boring). As for any local job, everyone wants to have someone who is competent in his or her own acquaintance, because the risk is lower than the one familiar.

In this age of online, anyone from any part of the world has the opportunity to get acquainted and the opportunity to get acquainted with social media sites. Present yourself professionally, work-efficient on these sites. Social media is a very powerful platform for finding work. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter can get a lot of work from these social media. Also, if you want to get work for graphics, you can join the following two marketplaces.

  • Behance (https://www.behance.net/)
  • Dribbble (https://dribbble.com/)

2) Finding work through blogging:

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to find work. Through blogging, it is possible to prove to others the skills of their work. Blogging is a lot more important than being able to express yourself efficiently or branding yourself on the topic you are seeking.

When you can brand yourself as a skilled person, you will not have to look for work. Bayer will come and offer you to work on your own and it will certainly be at least twice the rate than any freelancing marketplace. You can start blogging by guest blogging on famous blogging sites or by creating your own personal blog, which aims to brand your skills.

The time you spend bidding and finding work in the freelancing marketplace, blogging will take much less time than that. But one of your blogposts will save you many days.

3) With Video Marketing:

Open your own video channel on YouTube and create your own video related videos that you are skilled at and upload it regularly. You need to create a video so that you will have the idea that you are experienced in doing that work within others. This video should also be the first thing to do on a YouTube search. Otherwise, the video won’t get much public attention. If more people do not watch your video, the purpose will not be successful.

4) You can get work through presentation slides:

There is a site called slideshare.net, where PowerPoint presentations are uploaded. Links to this site rank very easily in Google. Such a popular site like Google. It is also popular with many people. And that is why many people from different countries of the world come to this site and search for their needs regularly. That’s why he has a plan in place. Post at least 2 presentations to the site every month. The content of this presentation will certainly be beneficial to others. However, in the last slide of placement, you can advertise on the job. I also saw many people getting jobs.

5) Creating a Portfolio Site By Doing SEO:

By creating a portfolio site of your own, you can bring that website to a certain keyword and bring Google search results first. In that case, the website has to be acceptable to everyone first. Such websites rely more on rankings as well as on traffic engagement. And if you work like this, you will continue to get the job all your life.

6) Through Email Marketing:

If you have basic knowledge of email marketing, find out the means of communication with different companies and mail them regularly to offer them. Build relationships with them. There is a lot of work to be done. This method is much more effective if you want to get the job done on a larger scale. Everyone wants to build big IT companies in the future. For those who want it, this method is more effective. However, if you have created a professional portfolio website, you will get better results.

7) Posting forums:

Many people think writing will not be possible for you. So blogging work will not add to your intelligence. I do not think it will be how to publish my own social media as a skill, they can publish the forum themselves by posting forums. Looking for topics to write on blogging, but do not have to worry about it in the forum. Because the answers to the questions of different people here would be good to attract. If you regularly answer on a specific topic like this, your expertise on that topic is revealed to everyone, that is, your own branding on that skill, what will be the benefit of your branding, as I have already discussed.

Anywhere you go to find work, you must create a portfolio of your work. Because of the work in this portfolio, Bayer would be interested in working. Bayer will definitely want to see the work done before you can work.

Happy Freelancing

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